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The Obscene
Saturday, 20-04-2019, 5:40 AM
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THE OBSCENE once again entered White Wolf Studios to complete work on THE TORMENT OF SINERS E.P. Having recruited Tom (Puked Obesceneties) it was decided he should lay vocals over what Garry had already done. Needless to say, this as awn excellent decision. THE OBSCENE spent one day laying down vocals for all six tracks as well as making minor adjustements to the drum sound. The E.P.  has turned out better than expected and THE OBSCENE are looking forward to unleashing the obscenity to extreme metallers everywhere!

Tom spewing forth utter derangement
THE OBSCENE is pround to annouce they have signed with PEST RECORDS for the release of their e.p. THE TORMENT OF SINNERS.
Here's what Adrain @ PEST RECORDS  says:

Pest Records is proud to announce that UK Old-School Death Metallers THE OBSCENE is now on our roster!
Formed from the ashes of Salute To The Sun and Nebula Rising, The Obscene is ready to storm the Death Metal scene with their debut EP called "The Torment of Sinners” scheduled to be out in February – March 2010! Beware, 6 tormenting tracks to obliterate the weak!
To spice this even more, Pest Records will release "The Torment of Sinners” with a special bonus for all sickos out there, Salute To The Sun’s 2008 EP "Destroying the Heavens”, very well received by the underground press at that time! Definitely one of the most sinister releases to start the year with!

1. The Storm to Come (intro)
2. Embrace Oblivion
3. Grim Discovery
4. Beyond the Hold of God
5. Skiprat Jane
6. The Final Silence

Bonus tracks:
1. P.S.A.S.
2. Destroying the Heavens
3. The Man, The Martyr
4. Circle of Despair
5. And the Rivers Ran Black
THE OBSCENE are making preparations to release a new video to coincide with the release of the e.p. THE TORMENT OF SINNERS. The video will be for the track THE FINAL SILENCE, an all out brutal affair with the video set to feature some truly obscene imagery - BE PREPARED!!!!
Master CD for THE TORMENT OF SINNERS e.p. finally arrived today. Sounds absolutley crushing, new vocals and the slight changes we made have made all the difference - brutal stuff!! PEST RECORDS will be releasing this early 2011 - HORNS HIGH to Ian (the dots!!) @ White Wolf Recording for his efforts, and for putting up with us (changing things, then chnging them back, then adding something...you know what its like!!!)
THE OBSCENE are taking a break over the holiday period. We hope everyone has an obscene time, drinks too much and generally lets lose!!
Early 2011 should be a busy time for us. THE TORMENT OF SINNERS e.p. will finally be released, shirts will be available and we will finally put plans into place to start gigging. We are going to resume rehersals in early Jaunary, get a set list sorted, rehearse it to death, then let people see / hear what we can do. Hopefully one of our firsts gigs will be at the TERRORIZER MAGAZINE sponsered 'GRINDHOUSE' night at Durham City, our home town!!!
We have posted an updated version of the video for EMBRACE OBLIVION. It features new vocals by tom (puked obsceneties) and updated production and imagery. The new audio track is the finished version which will be featured on THE TORMENT OF SINNERS e.p so the video also acts as a 'teaser' for the release of the e.p. We have kept the old version up merely as a comparison, as we believe the new version is a big improvement all round. Go check it out and let us know what you think!!
Master cd's have finally arrived at PEST RECORDS. Artwork is currently being sortd out, as well as a cool layout for the cd. As soon as a design and artwork have been finalised, we will let everyone see what we have chosen - will be good, we can promise that!!!!
THE OBSCENE have a track, THE FINAL SILENCE featured on PEST RECORDS download compilation 12. We are obviously very pleased to be featured on this alongside some amazing bands from around the world. It is a FREE DOWNLOAD, so just copy and paste the link below and take a listen to 11 tracks of extreme metal from all over the world.

01. Blood Of Martyrs - Beneath a Blue and Silent Sky
02. Deus Otiosus - Thousand Arms of the Dead
03. Eternal Helcaraxe - Kin, Comrades & Country
04. Exekrator - Blood Was Made To Flow (RAW MIX)
05. Eyecult - Saligia
06. Feces On Display - Cock & Cum (And Guts For Fun)
07. Golthoth - Triumph Of The Elder Gods
08. Hell Terror - Celaka
09. Morbid Devourment - Cotard Delusion
10. Putrefaction - Red Sink
11. The Obscene - The Final Silence

Link to free download: http://www.mediafire.com/?fa2336dgcyfkm3l

Artwork for THE TORMENT OF SINNERS e.p. has been agreed, we are just finishing the layout etc. We can promise you it looks awesome, old school as fuck, but a cool layout and design. Shirts will be printed to match the CD artwork and we can hopefully offer a CD & Shirt package at a very cheap price. Details of this to follow.
Press release from PEST RECORDS:-
THE OBSCENE are proud to reveal the cover artwork and tracklist for the upcoming release of "The Torment of Sinners" EP, due to be out on the 28th of March 2011 !

1. The Storm to Come (intro)
2. Embrace Oblivion
3. Grim Discovery
4. Beyond the Hold of God
5. Skiprat Jane
6. The Final Silence

Bonus tracks:

1. P.S.A.S.
2. Destroying the Heavens
3. The Man, The Martyr
4. Circle of Despair
5. And the Rivers Ran Black

THE OBSCENE's "The Torment of Sinners" will unleash 6 new, brutal tracks, but the band also wanted to thank their die-hard supporters by adding on this release their 2008 demo "Destroying the Heavens" (released as SALUTETOTHESUN) as bonus. 35 minutes of some of the sickest and ugliest Death Metal the UK ever spawned over humanity!
The Obscene line-up:

Tom: Blasphemous puked obscenities
Chris: Rancid Blasturbations
Garry: Vomiting Groans & Hellish Rumblings
Jonny: Bestial Hellstrings

THE OBSCENE contact:


For press inquiries please get in touch with Pest Records!

It has been quite a busy period over the last few weeks, preparing for the release of the e.p. Some of this work involved promoting the release on various compilation cd's. We have been featured on 3 different compilations over the last 2 months which we are really excited about. The same track (THE FINAL SILENCE) has been used on all 3 compilations, as this is the "teaser" track from the e.p. See the 'Discography' page for a full list of featured comps \m/ Horns high to those people who have helped us out by featuring our track \m/
Not Long Now!!!!

OUT NOW!!!! THE TORMENT OF SINNERS e.p is out now!!! Finally, after what seems like an eternity, our debut e.p. is released through PEST RECORDS. CD's will be available through the band shortly. Each CD comes with a FREE STICKER!!!!
CD/Shirt/Sticker packages will also be available for a very reasonable price!!
The first reviews have started coming in for the e.p. First review score we have is 8.5/10, needless to say, we are very pleased with that. Click onto the 'PRESS' tab for a full list of reviews.
We are currently in a great song writing period, writing new songs in quick succession. We currently have 4 new songs under our belts: DREAMING THE OBSCURE, DAWN OF SUFFERING, SPAWNED FROM IGNORANCE
 and ..OF FEEBLE MINDS AND WEAKNESS. In other news we have had word back from the printers that the screen for the shirts has been produced and the shirts should be with us by the first week of may. Click on the 'merch' link for full details! CD's have been selling brilliantly, big thanks to all those who have ordered a copy. A list of distributors will follow shortly as deals are currently being agreed with several labels and distro's.
Merch has been selling really well, we have now officially sold out of THE TORMENT OF SINNERS cd's, big thanks to everyone who has bought a copy. However, the cd is available through various distros worldwide. If you want to get hold of a copy of this strictly limited release, its available through: Some Kind Of Distro - Serbia, AEA zine - USA, Sevared Records - USA, Grindethic Records - UK, Salute Records - Sweden, Neverheard Records - Hungary, Brewery Distro - Poland, Burried In Hell Records - USA, Six Inch Nails Records - India.
We still have some shirts available, but again, these have been selling really well, so a big thanks to all those that have got a shirt from us. No plans for a re-print on this design, so they are striclty limited. Get yours before they go! Check the 'Merch' page for prices and ordering instructions!
We are extremely proud to annouce that we have signed a new deal with PEST RECORDS to release our debut full length cd 'Architects Of Deliverance', scheduled for a 2012 release. Writing for the album started some months ago and we already have several songs written, namely: DREAMING THE OBSCURE, DAWN OF SUFFERING, SPAWNED FROM IGNORANCE, OF FEEBLE MINDS AND WEAKNESS and the title track ARCHITECTS OF DELIVERANCE. Cover artwork is currently being decided upon, but needless to say, we have discovered an amazing horror / occult artist who we are currently in duscussions with, although no final decision has been made as yet. More updates on this release as and when we have them.
In other good news, PEST RECORDS have announced a re-print of THE TORMENT OF SINNERS e.p. with upgraded print and disc quality. Again, hails to Adrian at PEST RECORDS for this! The new stock of the e.p. will be available at the end of July, but anyone wanting to order a copy can do so and orders will be dispatched when we receive the new copies!
We have finally received our copies of the GRINDETHIC RECORDS damn & blast Vol 5 compilation. Our track 'Th Final Silence' is featured, alongside 22 of the planets most extreme metal bands. Needless to say we are proud to be a part of this fantastic compilation. We do have copies for sale, check the merch page for full details!
We have also posted a new video for 'The Final Silence'. A very morbid and macabre afair, go the the 'music' page and check it out!
NEW MERCH IN! We can now offer THE TORMENT OF SINNERS girlie shirts for sale. Superb quality Fruit of The Loom 'ladyfit' shirts with excellent quality print. Available in S,M,L and XL for only £7 (free UK delivery, overseas ask for rates). Get the lady in your life wearing one of these!!! Check the 'Merch' page for more info!!! In other news, we have sold out of the first pressing of THE TORMENT OF SINNERS cd's. However, PEST RECORDS are having a second pressing made, available at the end of July, this second pressing will include a 'limited edition' disc design and better quality booklet (available for only £4/$10). More news on this soon!
The reviews of the e.p. are still coming in steadily. Check out the reviews page for a full list of all the reviews we have had to date. We would especially like to throw our horns high to the guys at UKU MetalUK who gave us an awesome review (8 out of 10) and also featured us on their regular video blog. Check it out!
In other news, we are also considering having some hoodies printing up for the pending bad weather. Designs are being considered, but it is likely to be a logo only fron print with 'BEYOND THE HOLD OF GOD' as a back print. Designs will be posted when we have decided what to go with!
We now have five full songs finisnhed for the new cd, these are: DREAMING THE OBSCURE, DAWN OF SUFFERING, SPAWNED FROM IGNORANCE, OF FEEBLE MINDS AND WEAKNESS and ARCHITECTS OF DELIVERANCE. Two new tracks are in the planning stage, these are CARRION FEAST and THE HERETICS FORK
We are very happy to announce that we have been featured as 'Kats Band of The Week' in the mighty Terrorizer magazine. This is great for us, really good promotion and will hopefully help to get the bands name out to a few more people. You can read the full interview on the terrorizer website, just click on the link below:
We have just had word that the second pressing of THE TORMENT OF SINNERS e.p. is at the pressing factory this week! Really pleased with this news and looking forward to receiving the new cd's as they will feature new' Limited Edition' disc artwork. Hopefully this pressing will sell as well as the first pressing did, selling out wwithin one month of it's release. Anyone wanting a copy can email orders to: obscenemetal@hotmail.com
Prices are £4 (free UK shipping, overseas ask for rates). We will receive a batch of the cd's so they will be available to buy direct from the band. Trade prices also available for labels and distro's. Copies will also be available direct from PEST RECORDS. Email pestrecords@yahoo.com for info, trades available!!!
We are currently having some hoodies printed with the 'BEYOND THE HOLD OF GOD' design as a back print. See the Merch page for more info on sizes, prices etc. They will be very cheap though and great quality 'Fruit Of The Loom' hoodies, again printed by FUNERALMOON CLOTHING, the company behind the t-shirts, so quality is top-notch!!!
Photo shoot today with Duncan from DBNE Photography in durham city. Went really well, got about 100 shots in the hour we spent in the graveyard. Of the 100 there were about 20 which were'possibles' for the inlay of the new cd. We now have a short list of 3 which we have to decide on. Big decision as it will be printed on 500 cd's so we need to make sure it's the right one! We wont be revealing the shot we have used, but we will post up the shots we didnt! You'll have to buy the cd if you wanna see it! If you want to check out some of Duncans other photography work, you can visit his facebook site at:
We are proud to announce that the e.p. THE TORMENT OF SINNERS has been released digitally through TORN FLESH RECORDS. This is a big boost for the release and will hopefully see it reach a wider audience. The download is completely FREE!! If you want your digital copy it is available here: http://www.archive.org/details/TFR295-TheObscene-TheTormentOfSinners
Big horns go up to the guys at TORN FLESH RECORDS for helping us spread the name of the band and the e.p. For more info on the label and their other releases visit: http://www.archive.org/details/tornfleshrecords
Hoodies and shirts are now available with the 'BEYOND THE HOLD OF GOD' design. See the merch page for sizes and prices. This hoodie is also available as 'logo only', no back print. High quality 'fruit of the loom' hoodies and shirts with excellent print. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND and get one of these great hoodies!
We happy to sat the "Vulgar Displays Of Metal" web blog has featured us on it's second podcast alongside UK BM horde SACRILEGIOUS THRONE. Big thanks to Sarah for the great review and for featuring us, we really apreciate the support. The full podcast can be listened to in full below:
Podcast 2 - Festivals 2011 & Unsigned Bands Feature 'Sacrilegious Throne' & 'The Obscene' by Glen Lester